Activated Carbons range of carbons has been developed especially for use in various water treatment applications. These carbons are manufactured from the highest quality selected grades of cocounut shell under stringent controls to have the ultimate hardness, surface area and attrition resistance. Besides the particle size and pore structure have specifically designed to provide the best adsorption properties.

In water treatment applications, the variety of different compounds to be removed from water is immense. We have have a wide range of granular and powder grades to deal with the wide range of purification issues. The major objectives is using Granular activated carbon is the removal of taste and odor including compounds, overall organics, pesticides, detergents, suspended solids, chlorine etc. Powder Activated carbon is widely used for removal of taste and odor, organic micro pollutants etc. in a cost effective manner.

Range of Activated Carbons are available in different mesh sizes and adsorption levels and pH adjusted or washed as per additional customer requirement. These are manufactured in ISO 9001 2000 accredited facilities to meet the most stringent requirements concerning potable water and waste water treatment applications.