WF - GAC - Coconut-Gold

Type Granular Virgin Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
Description WF - GAC - Coconut - Gold is a premium granular activated carbon made especially for use in gold recovery applications. Its particle size and pore structure have been specifically designed to provide the best adsorption of metal and cyanide complexes from Carbon-in-pulp, Carbon-in-column, or tank adsorbed system. This product is manufactured under stringent controls to make a carbon with the ultimate in hardness and ability to be regenerated.

WF - GAC - Coconut - Gold is processed from selected coconut shell and activated at high temperature using steam process to develop internal surface area. The activated product is crushed, washed and classified by size. After activation, the carbon is put through a process to remove platelets. Each batch is tested twice to assure the best in quality control. 

Standard sizes available are 4x8, 4x12, 6x12, 6x16, and 12x30. Our superior hardness grade, Inca Gold, is available at a hardness of 99+%. Carbon tetrachloride adsorption values range from 60% to 65% as specified iodine adsorption values from 900 to 1200+. 

We can custom manufacture activated carbon to your specifications.

Typical parameters
Bulk density 0.50 - 0.54 ASTM-D-2854
Hardness 98-99+ % ASTM-D-3862
Moisture as packed 4% Max. ASTM-D-2867
Ash 3% ASTM-D-2863
Surface Area 1000-1100 BET N2
Ignition Temp. 400 C ASTM-D-3466